Wet Spray Painting

We offer a range of high quality, cost effective wet spray finishes for many products from small plastic parts to large off shore gas pipes. We strive to maintain reliable turn around times without sacrificing the quality of the finish. Our proactive approach to quality control, which is in line with ISO 9001:2000 ensures the highest service for all our customers.

Left AlignOur facilities include a 15 x 6 metre shot blast room, a seven stage phosphate pre- treatment line with a wet spray booth capacity up to 14 metres long. We have a large range of British Standard and RAL colours in stock and can also match to any colour you may require.

Conventional Spray Painting involves spraying a pigment suspended in a solvent onto a substrate, which is rotated to give complete coverage, conventional air-operated HVLP spray guns operate typically at 50 - 70 psi, which atomizes coatings to offer exceptionally fine finishes Right Alignpreferred by professionals. Almost any shaped object can be coated, including those with cavities. High quality cosmetic appearances are possible, while precise control allows painting of everything from zinc die-casting, to metals and plastics.

We have staff with up to 20 years experience in the spraying of:-
• Polyester
• Cellulose
• TexturesRight Align
• Epoxy
• Metallics
• P.T.F.E.
• Polyurethane
• Ministry / IRR
• Acrylic
• Leatherettes
• Stove Enamel
• Hammer
• All Gloss Levels are available
• Any Colour can be matched

Left AlignFollowing are some distinct advantages of Wet Spray Painting:-
• Low overspray - 85% of paint lands on the surface - indmore than with other sprayer options.
• High quality finish.
• No brush marks.
• Versatile - perfect for a variety of projects:
indtrim - decorative finishes - cabinets - shutters -
indelectrical control equipment - furniture - metal work indstructures.
ind• Ideal for painting on mild steel.