Goliath™ Gutter Systems

This is our new high quality Gutter Coating, which we coat to ISO 9001:2000 ensuring excellent quality with our usual reliability and service. Our Gutter Coating is a tough chip resistant high adhesive multi purpose product that provides excellent corrosion and UV Left Alignprotection. It is designed to provide a non-porous, maintenance free non-toxic finish.

Our new process is a superior system whereby galvanised and aluminium Architectural Gutters are coated with a totally environmentally friendly product, giving excellent results in terms of protection and appearance.

• 25 year guarantee available upon request.Right Align
• Resists corrosion.
• Has high impact strength.
• Adheres well to all parts without an adhesion indindpromoter.
• Does not propagate microbes.
• Achieves a smooth, non-porous surface.
• Offers excellent resistance to water.
• Is physiologically and toxicologically safe.
• Can be supplied in sheet form up to 2mm inind indthickness.

Goliath™ Gutter System (Patent Pending)
Left AlignA Gutter System as a whole is made up from a number of conjoined sections, and these joint sections are prone to leaks. Rather than using a different material as is currently used, the revolutionary new jointing material we now provide is used to fuse with the two previously coated TPO substrates via heat welding the jointing material and coated substrates, thereby, fusing the materials together and forming a weatherproof, environmentally friendly joint.

The benefits of our new Jointing System are:Right Align
• Achieves a smooth, non-porous surface.
• Water resistant.
• High impact strength.
• Cost effective - compared to existing jointingind indsystems.
• Corrosion resistant.
• Flexible and easy to use.
• Repair joints can be carried out on site.