Electroplating & Other Services

Left AlignAlmit Metal Finishing Limited has established a very good reputation for a quick response time to our customers’ requirements, providing an electroplating service of the highest quality, supported by our 24-hour shift system in order to maintain a rapid response.
The selection of the best plating processes and techniques is fundamental to our approach. The Company offers a wide range of plating processes to meet our customers' requirements. Our experience ranges from small barrel loads for delicate parts to basket and rack applications for large, heavier components.

Quality assurance is initiated with the first conversation regarding your plating requirement and continues through final inspection and delivery. Each and every member of our Team is responsible to insure that your parts are processed in accordance with applicable plating specifications. You can rely on our Company to earn your trust and confidence, to fully support your operations and plating requirements, as well as providing knowledgeable and friendly metal finishing technical assistance.

Well equipped facilities provide the capability to chemically process an extensive range of
components, utilising our large variety of surface finishes, these include:Right Align
• Hard Chrome
• Decorative Chrome
• Bright Nickel
• Zinc & Passivate yellow, clear, drab olive and black ind(yellow & clear are RoHS compliant)
• Copper
• Silver
• Tin
• Zinc Phosphate
• Manganese Phosphate
• Chrome Phosphate
• Chemical Black
• Pickle & Passivation of Stainless Steel
• Titanium Pickling
• Paint Stripping
• Derusting

The typical Electroplating Process includes:
• Removing oils and other contaminants from the surface of the part.
• Removing oxides such as rust from the surface of the metal.
• Plating the substrate with the desired metal such as nickel or zinc utilising direct current, to deposit metal on the surface.
• Stoving immediately after electroplating to prevent hydrogen embrittlement (if required).
• Applying a supplementary coating to the plating.

Right Align
We continue to operate with strict environmental controls ensuring all staff are continually trained throughout their careers. This commitment is the foundation of our operational philosophy and is reflected in our strategies for success. We are proud to have attained ‘Investor in People’ status in December 2000.