Aluminium Anodising

Left AlignAnodising is the process of creating a controlled oxide coating on aluminium; it converts the surface of aluminium into a durable & corrosion resistant finish. It provides a silver coloured finish reflecting the natural colour of the metal, however, components can also be dyed in an exciting range of colours, such as gold, blue, red, black & green, to provide eye-catching effects. Anodised coatings provide an enhancement in properties over the base material particularly in respect to wear, corrosion, temperature resistance and
electrical insulation.

An alternative anodised finish namely Hard Anodising can be achieved by careful control of the anodising conditions. This process results in an extremely hard metal surface to a specified thickness, which exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties and very high corrosion and wear resistance.

Chromate Conversion Coatings Right Align
Commonly referred to by the trade name Alocrom, Chromate Conversion Coatings provide good levels of corrosion resistance combined with low electrical resistance. Frequently specified as a base coat prior to the application of paint or powder coating, this chemical treatment is applied by dip or brush. The thickness of the coating is Left Alignapprox. 0.3 microns, Alocrom treated components are not suitable for areas subject to abrasion.
We provide the following services?
• Sulphuric Anodising to BS3989.
• Hard Anodising to BS5599, Def Stan 03-26.
• Coloured Anodising to BS1615, BS EN 2284, Def Stan ind03-25.
• Alocrom 1000 (Clear) to Def Stan 03-18.
• Alocrom 1200 (Gold/Straw) to Def Stan 03-18.

Why Anodise?
• High Corrosion Resistance.
• Decorative / Cosmetic Appearance.
• Insulator / Nonconductive.
• Stain Resistance.
• Increased Durability / Scratch Resistance.

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